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    1. Shanghai zhongtong automotive parts Co., Ltd

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      Company Profile

      Shanghai Zhong Tong Auto Parts Co., Ltd was founded in September 1997. As a leading enterprise in manufacturing, research and development of auto new material parts as well as a domestic pioneer of in applying the auto new material, it has been rated as ‘Shanghai New and High-tech Enterprise’. The EPP product developed by our company is recognized as ‘Shanghai New and High-tech Achievement Transformation Project’ and ‘Shanghai Municipal-level New Product’, which fills in the gaps of domestic application of auto new material.


      Our company is mainly engaged in all kinds of EPP products, like bumper energy absorbing block, tool box, interior supporting cushion block and seat foam part, etc. The annual production capacity reaches above 2000 tons. Meanwhile, our company is well equipped with inspection instruments and possesses perfect quality assurance Management System. Our products and service quality have been awarded various titles by our clients for years. Among them, there are ‘Excellent Supplier’, ‘Green Supplier’, ‘Matching Supplier’, etc.


      Through 20-year continuous efforts on quality and technological innovation, our company has qualified as the supplier of many domestic and foreign vehicle manufacturer. Our clients include SAIC GM, SAIC Volkswagen, Dawn BMW, Beijing Benz, Fujian Benz, SAIC passenger cars, SAIC GM Wuling, Southeast Fujian, BYD, etc.


      Our company insists on the developing with specialization and scalization, having established manufacture bases in Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuhan, etc. with efficient production and sales service network so as to provide our clients with better service.


      Shanghai zhongtong automotive parts Co., Ltd